C++ Developer Cambridge

Our well established client is looking for C++ developer based in Cambridge
As a C++ developer with several years’ commercial experience, or at least a 2.1 honours degree, you will be skilled at designing and implementing solutions to challenging technical problems. In this job, you will be working with our existing C++ framework to implement new functionality in one or more of the following areas:
• 3D cross-platform client application
• Parallel/distributed mesh generation server
•Process integration and C++ binding to scripted languages
You will be familiar with modern C++ design techniques and patterns including smart pointers and template programming. You should have some awareness of cross-platform development or have developed software within a Unix/Linux environment. Some knowledge of at least one of the technologies below will be needed:
•Qt graphical user interface toolkit
•3D graphics libraries or GPU programming
•Networked client/server application development
•MPI (Message Passing Interface) or parallel programming
•Computational geometry, mesh generation or Computer Aided Engineering
As well as offering exposure to a broad range of existing technologies, the position also demands the ability to work individually to create novel algorithms or designs. You would be joining a team of first-class software developers in contributing to the core of a growing product, creating innovative software of the highest standard. As such, experience of code documentation and software version control systems would also be valuable.
Salary: £30K to £50K

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