Electrical Engineer Edinburgh

Our client is a small, dynamic and innovative company which specialises in the development of direct drive permanent magnet generator technology for the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors and the provision of specialist electro-mechanical engineering services for the power engineering sector. They are currently working on the next generation of their innovative generator technology

A key requirement exists for an experienced and technically sound Electrical Engineer.

The Role

The purpose of this role is to undertake electrical design work on novel electrical machines. The candidate will be required to use the in-house analytical design tools (with suitable training) and other appropriate techniques to produce new designs of machine, often incorporating new technology.

The role will ultimately contribute to the technical delivery of generator technology to 6MW scale and beyond.

* To assist in developing Permanent Magnet Generator technology
a. Electrical and electro-magnetic design of the 1MW prototype
b. Development of electrical and electromagnetic design for application at the 6MW scale
c. Working closely with other engineering disciplines (e.g. mechanical and thermal engineers) to develop the fully integrated and optimal total design for the generators.

* Deliver documentation and engineering drawings appropriate for the design, manufacture and test of generators
* Assist in the development of new technology to establish and maintain the company as a global leader in direct drive permanent magnet generators.

The Person

* Electrical Engineering Degree (including power engineering)
* Proven track record, with at least 3 years experience in Electrical Engineering, working with rotating machines.
* Good understanding of advanced electrical machines, power electronics and Electrical Engineering.
* The candidate should have knowledge on the design of generators and motors, including experience of Permanent Magnet Machines or other novel machine topologies.
* Use of electromagnetic FEA tools

Salary: £30K to £35K

Location Edinburgh

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