IT Business Systems Analyst

Job Title: IT Business Systems Analyst

Location: Stamford, Lincolnshire

Salary: £31K – £35K per annum

Job Type: Permanent


• Align IT strategies with business needs, utilising agile methodologies technical architectures, informational workflow, use case analyses, and risk assessment to verify fit for purpose.
• Act as point of contact for IT product development, transition management after project completion and system administration and network identification.
• Works with a large measure of autonomy, providing innovative solutions to complex matrix issues
• Improves enterprise IT strategies and practices for user engagement utilising project methodologies, architectural governance, enterprise and local documentation, infrastructure migration and IT support.
• Conducts research, prepares business areas for transition to new ways of working through partnership
• Work with key cross-functional teams and relevant organisational and departmental projects

Qualifications and experience required:

• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
• Experience on implementing and maintaining business applications (ERP).
• Understand management structures, politics and culture involved in the businesses and programs.
• Experience in benefits identification and technical techniques that build applications that are user friendly.
• Familiarity with ITPM standards, writing, speaking and briefing members of the organisation and business units.
• Familiar or become familiar with major applications, i.e. MAPICS, Oracle E-Business Suites and database.
• Project experience required.

Please send your CV to

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